The Ellement Co. Experience encompasses everything that we fundamentally believe in about beauty, wellness and lifestyle. We focus on creating a true “feel good” range of products; things that bring to you confidence and charisma. Our motto is to make every woman feel comfortable in their own skin- our products encourage self expression when you use them. We believe in all vegan and natural products which are good for you and the environment! Our range is vast, from nail care, skincare and gifting crates- we cover all bases to have your needs completely taken care of.

“Our everyday lives have a mind and a momentum of its own, and which is why we have developed Ergonomic Essentials – a range of products designed and manufactured to make our days more efficient and our lives easier, particularly keeping in mind the ones who are balancing it all and are the hardest working in a nuclear family: mothers, wives, daughters, sisters, girlfriends, grandmothers, nannies and so on.” says Minash, the founder of Ellement Co.